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    Rick Demko

    Believe it or not, I was able to find my food log :-)

    Day 1:
    Lunch, 2 Naked Juices
    Dinner, Mean Green Drink (32 oz):
    ½ Bulk of kale
    2 Stalks of celery
    ½ Cucumber
    1 granny smith apples
    1 lemon
    1 Gallon of Water

    Day 2:
    Breakfast, Apple-Pear (24 oz):
    1 Apple
    2 Pears
    1 Piece Ginger (thumb sized)

    Lunch, Mean Green (16 oz); and a banana
    Snack, 6 Cheddar Crackers
    Dinner, Grilled Chicken Breast, Broccoli, Mashed Potatoes and a side salad w/ vinegar dressing
    After dinner bday drink – Gummi Bear shot
    Snack, Apple
    1 Gallon of Water

    Day 3:
    Brunch, Apple-Beet-Carrot (16 oz)
    1 Apple
    2 Beets
    3 Large Carrots
    1 Piece Ginger (thumb sized)
    Snack, 6 Cheddar Crackers
    Lunch, Mean Green (16 oz); 1 orange and 1 banana
    Dinner, Beer Cheese Jalapeño Soup, Baby Romaine Salad, Beef Tenderloin, Small Chocolate Desert
    After dinner b-day drink – 1 Glass of Bordeaux
    1 Gallon of Water

    Notes: This was the first day that I thought, you know what, this sucks. I’m thinking about soo much great food that I could be having and I had a lunch meeting downtown that I avoided so I didn’t have to drool over solid food. I’m a trooper though and since this is so early on in the experiment I know that this is my first urge to resist. I’m going to fight it off with a smile and try not to think about real food. A big part of the urge could be coming from the decadent tasting but marginally prepared meal I had last night. Tonight’s dinner is going to be amazing so I know the next few days of just juice is really going to test me.

    Day 4:
    Breakfast, Mean Green (16 oz)
    Snack, Protein Shake
    Lunch, Shot of Body Effects, Protein Shake (69 g)
    Snack, Banana, Mean Green (7 oz)

    Notes: Last night hit me pretty hard, I realized that I just wasn’t getting enough calories nor the proper nutrition I need for my life style. I decided to modify the experiment quite a bit.. I am not going to starve myself and try and only live off fruits and vegetables but instead continue to infuse my body with them in combination of proper protein, fat, and supplements. I already feel more alert, productive, and revived after having some protein and a small work out supplement. I believe the integrity of my experiment is still somewhat intact, since what we really are trying to accomplish is finding how providing my body with the best nutrition possible affects my mind and attitude. I sincerely believe that by filling the voids I had with nothing but fruit juice will do that.

    Since abandoning the Juice Diet, I felt it would still be important to keep track of my diet..
    Day 7:
    Breakfast, Protein Shake (69 grams)
    Lunch, Chicken Salad including pineapple, avocado, and cucumbers with a vinegar based dressing
    Snack, Shot of Body Effects
    Dinner, Protein Shake (69 grams), half of a grilled chicken breast, and a small salad

    Day 8:
    Breakfast, Protein Shake (69 grams), and a Shot of Body Effects
    Lunch, Half of a Grilled Chicken Breast, a little Quinoa, and an Orange
    Snack, Naked Juice
    Dinner, Grilled Chicken Breast and Greens
    Snack, Protein Shake (69 grams) and Pudding Cup

    Day 9:
    Breakfast, Protein Shake (69 grams), Shot of Body Effects, and a Naked Juice
    Snack, Protein Shake (69 grams)
    Lunch, 4 Egg Whites with some shredded Cheese
    Snack, 1 cup of Almonds and an Orange
    Dinner, 12 oz Ribeye Steak, Scalloped Potatoes
    Snack, Protein Shake (35 grams)

    Day 10:
    Breakfast, Protein Shake (60 grams), Shot of Body Effects
    Lunch, Ribeye Steak, Scalloped Potatoes
    Snack, Protein Shake (50 grams)
    Dinner, Tuna Melt, Tomato soup
    Snack, Protein Shake (30 grams), half an apple and peanut butter

    Day 11:
    Breakfast, Protein Shake (60 grams), Shot of Body Effects
    Lunch, 3 BudLights

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